• Velina Barova

    Velina Barova is a Bulgarian journalist. Professionally interested in a wide range of topics and particularly in human and women rights. Deputy Editor of BlueLink.net and its e-magazines for journalism in the public interest - Evromegdan and BlueLink Stories in 2018-2022. Velina has gained experience in radio journalism as a radio show host at the online radio 'Reaction'. Participant in several international journalistic programs providing field work in Europe and Africa.

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  • Climate News Network

    Climate News Network is a free and objective service publishing a daily news story on climate and energy issues. It is run by four volunteers, all veteran journalists who have covered climate change for many years for international newspapers and broadcasting organisations and are now freelancing.

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  • Maria Maltseva

    Maria Maltseva is a Bulgarian journalist focusing on IT and green technologies. Since 2015 she has been coordinating the initiative "Sofia - Green Capital".

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  • Ksenia Vakhrusheva

    Russian freelance journalist and civic activist based in Varna, Bulgaria.

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  • Alexandru-Radu Săvulescu

    Alexandru-Radu Săvulescu is a freelance environmental journalist based in Bucharest, Romania. He held since 1990 various positions (Editor in Chief, Correspondent, Editorial Board Member, etc.) in Romanian and foreign media outlets (from Europe, USA, Canada).

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  • Julia Marinaccio

    Julia Marinaccio covers environmental issues in China and Central Europe. An expert on Chinese politics, environmental governance and public administration, she is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna.

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  • Plamen Peev

    Senior policy expert at the BlueLink Foundation. Author of research in the field of environmental law and policy, local government, EU and Bulgarian environmental legislation.

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  • Konstantin Mravov

    Konstantin Mravov is a free-lanced contributor to Evromegdan.bg based in Sofia who covers social and environmental issues.

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  • BlueLink Stories

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  • Lucia Tăut

    I am from Moldova and I am a journalist. I like to travel, to know the world and interesting life stories.

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  • Ivan Milanov

    Ivan Milanov is a long-time analyst of political, economic and environmental problems.

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  • Raul Cazan

    Raul is communicating EU’s policies in biodiversity and climate change as Editor-in-Chief of the cross-media environmental portal, 2Celsius Network. He recently co-authored a book on ecological connectivity in the EU.

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  • Annamária Lehoczky

    Annamária covers climate and sustainability issues, reporting about wicked problems, climate innovators and social entrepreneurs. She is doing her international PhD focusing on the co-creating interaction between science and society.

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  • Tom Popper

    Tom Popper has been covering the news of Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe since 1991, including working as editor of Budapest Week, Time Out Budapest, the Budapest Business Journal and the Center for Media, Data and Society at CEU.

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  • Ula Idzikowska

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  • Andria Gvdidiani

    Journalist specialized in energy and environmental issues based in Georgia, Tbilisi.

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  • Renáta Uitz

    Renáta Uitz is professor of comparative constitutional law at the Central European University, Budapest.

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  • Lidija Pisker

    Lidija is a freelance journalist covering human rights stories from across Europe. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, France 24, Euronews, Radio Free Europe and media outlets from the Western Balkans.

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  • Aleksandra Radevska

    Aleksandra Radevska is a Macedonian journalist and activist dealing with human rights and environmental issues of national and wider interest.

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  • Zhana Sofronieva

    Zhana Sofronieva has graduated Bulgarian Philology, now she is studying for a Master's Degree in Business Communication and Public Relations. She has an experience in journalism at a rock music site. She is interested in women's rights, the right to freedom of expression, the historical implications for modernity, arts and culture.

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  • Viola Ternényová

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  • Hristina Kara

    Hristina Kara is a freelance translator and journalist, writing in English and Bulgarian, and a former editor at the Bulgarian National Radio.

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  • Anna Pelova

    Anna Pelova is a book author who is currently travelling around the world to meet and interview brilliant entrepreneurs for her book Founders and the Underdog. Anna writes about entrepreneurship, politics, and travel, contributing to various worldwide publications and blogs. She is also a co-author of two guidebooks on rural tourism in Bulgaria.

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  • Svilena Velcheva

    Svilena Velcheva is a Bulgarian freelance journalist with 15 years of professional experience in national and regional print media. She is interested in economic and ecological topics.

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  • Wojciech Kość

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  • Gavrail Gavrailov

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  • Nansi Borisova

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  • Paul Brown

    Paul Brown is a former environment correspondent of the Guardian who writes books and teaches journalism.

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  • Larisa Khomaiko

    Larisa Khomaiko is a Russian journalist working at FORUMHOUSE.

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  • Earenya Guerra

    Earenya Guerra is a student of the international Master's programme Global Change Management (M.Sc.) at the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development, Germany. She is interested in a variety of topics, covering climate politics and energy transition as well as gender justice and equality.

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  • Sandra Irsevic

    freelenser journalist and chife editor www.ecofeminizam.com

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  • IvanKolev

    Ivan Kolev is a freelance journalist based in Targovishte, Bulgaria.

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  • Alenka Žumbar

    Alenka Žumbar is the director and the editor of the Slovenian online media Energetika.NET.

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  • Elena Nikolovska

    Elena Nikolovska is a free-lanced journalist and activist based in Skopje. She has been covering global climate negotiations since 2014 and reportinging on climate and environmental issues from the Balkan region.

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  • Vadim Kantor

    Vadim Kantor is a freelance journalist.

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  • Milan Zdravkovic

    A free-lanced reporter based in Vranje, experienced in covering political, social and environmental issies in the South-East of Serbia.

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  • Hanns-J. Neubert

    See: http://www.sciencecom.se/hanns-j-neubert

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  • Leandro Navarro

    Leandro Navarro co-founded Pangea in Barcelona back in 1993. He is co-founder of the eReuse.org initiative on circular economy for the reuse and traceability of digital devices, operated by Pangea, with research at UPC. Leandro is member and vice-chair of the board of directors for the Association for Progressive Communications. Leandro has a PhD in telecommunications and works as associate professor at UPC.EDU. He writes regularly in the academic world.

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  • Artur Asafiev

    Artur Asafiev is a correspondent at Radio Free Europe in Ufa, Bashkortostan.

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  • Andrada Lăutaru

    Andrada Lăutaru is a freelance journalist based in Bucharest, Romania. Covers different fields, especially social issues.

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  • Bálint Bajomi

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  • Beatrice White

    Beatrice White is a freelance editor and translator based in Ankara, Turkey. She previously worked as deputy editor of the Green European Journal, a publication of the Brussels-based Green European Foundation.

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  • Alex Jermova

    A travelever, volunteer, aspiring to balance, opened minded, journalist!

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  • Vladislav Ryazantsev

    Vladislav Ryazantsev, journalist at Caucasian Knot in Rostov-on-Don.

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